In the following paragraphs we will explain some of the most important types of tips, which ProfitTips’ tipsters can give you. Some of them might be unfamiliar for sport betting newcomers, however they are used often by professionals.

Please bear in mind that not all bookmakers offer all of these options, which is why we offer you our exclusive partners, which you can find in our App. We guarantee that we work only with the best bookmakers in the world and, we have made sure to abide by strict criteria when it comes to choosing bookmakers in each country. 

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“Draw no bet” is commonly used when betting on sporting events. If a client backs a team in the Draw no bet market, his bet will win if his team emerges victorious, while the full stake will be refunded in case of a draw. The bet is lost if the backed team loses the game in question. Example.Apr 10, 2016


Leicester vs Tottenham

Tip: DNB 1 
If Leicester wins the match – you win. If the match is a draw – your money for this bet will be refunded. If Leicester loses – you lose the bet.

Alternative goal line type Over 2.0, 2.5

If you are familiar with the usual kinds of goal line betting, then alternative match goals is simply a variant which allows you to split your stake across two different bets. But for those of you who are new to goal line betting, we will first explain how that works.


Goal Line 2,2.5 
If you bet goal line under 2,2.5 
Half your stake is placed on an under 2 goals and half on under 2.5 goals. You win if 1 or 0 goals are scored in the match. If there are exactly 2 (two) goals, half your stake will be a win and half will be returned. You lose the bet if 3 or more goals are scored.


If you bet goal line over 2,2.5 
Half your stake is placed on an over 2 goals and half on over 2.5 goals. Your bet wins if 3 or more goals are scored in the game. If exactly 2 goals are scored half your stake will be returned and you will lose half. If there are 0 or 1 goals, your entire bet will be lost.

Alternative goal line type Over 2.0

If you bet goal line under 2: 
Your bet will win if either 0 or 1 goals are scored during the game. If exactly 2 goals are scored, your stake is returned. Should 3 or more goals be scored, your entire stake is lost.

AH or Asian Hendicap

Asian handicap is a way of betting that originates in Asia. Handicap means that one team has a virtual lead over the other side. Asian handicaps eliminate the chance of a draw in a match, so the possible outcomes are two.

A minus symbol (-) is given to the favourite team, which has a handicap disadvantage. A plus symbol (+) assigned to the underdog team, which has a handicap advantage.

You have many handicap betting options which are called “lines”. The following table shows the most used Asian handicap lines and their outcomes depending on the team result.


FT stands for `Full Time`.

Leicester vs Tottenham 
Tip: FT 1
If Leicester wins – your bet is winning. 
Hendicap or H
Handicaps are an alternative way to bet on teams with extremely high chances of winning and still get good returns.


Leicester vs Tottenham 
Tip: Hendicap – 1 Leicester or H -1 Leicester 
If Leicester wins 1:0 – you lose 
If Leicester wins 2:0 or more you win 
If Leicester loses or draws – you lose. 

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