Lucky Wheel – Spin & Win – Canada

What do you know about the Wheel of Fortune? Many spins and small wins? 🎡

🎁 If that’s true, then we’re here to change your mind. The wheel of luck brings you our favourite FS, in addition to subscription to the First Bulletin in CA, related to sports promotions and slots bonuses. Through the bulletin, we’ll keep you updated on personalised information like the newest promotions available for you at any given moment.

The Wheel can be spun by any user twice, for free, with a gap of 28 days between the two spins.

The Wheel will be shown to you up to 3️⃣ seconds after loading this page or, you can click on the ‘SPIN THE WHEEL’ button that will be available to you on the page.

How to participate:

1️⃣ Wait for the Wheel to load

2️⃣ Enter your email address so we can contact you afterwards

3️⃣ Keep your fingers crossed!

* Responsible Gaming I 18+ I Terms and Conditions Apply* I We reserves the right to terminate the game at any time.
* By participating in the promotion, you consent to us using your data for marketing purposes only.
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